China Can Abandon Family Planning Strategy
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China Can Abandon Family Planning Strategy

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In China, current birth control policy can be reviewed or even completely abandoned. This idea has been put forward by Chinese lawmakers – members of the National People’s Congress, as Reuters reports.

Such a step, in their opinion, should contribute to resolving the acute fertility crisis in the People’s Republic of China. Formally, since 2016, restrictions were lifted on the prohibition on giving birth to a second child which was introduced in 1978. However, this did not help to increase the birth rate falling for the second year in a row.

If in 1970 every single Chinese family gave birth on average to 5.18 children, today this figure is only 1.6 children per family. In China, they fear that over time their population will start to decline rapidly.

That is why today lawmakers offer to stimulate fertility by increasing the expenses for health and maternity care, granting of tax breaks and free education for children. The most radical offers include the removal of any references to birth control from the constitution of the country.

On projections, the population of the People’s Republic of China will reach its peak in 2029 and will amount to 1.4 billion people. And then it will gradually decrease. It is expected that by 2050, the country’s labor force will decline by 200 million people, and a third of the Chinese will be 60-year-old and even older. This will be a threat of the demographic crisis in future.